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          I am. I was born in. I graduate from senior high school and major in English. I started learning English since I was 12 years old. My parents have a lot of American friends. That’s why I have no problem communicating with Americans or others by speaking English.

          In my spare time, I like to do anything relating to English such as listening to English songs, watching English movies or TV programs, or even attending the activities held by some English clubs or institutes. I used to go abroad for a short- term English study. During that time, I learned a lot of daily life English and saw a lot of different things.

          I think language is very interesting. I could express one substance by using different sounds. So I wish I could study and read more English literatures and enlarge my knowledge.





          Hello,everyone.I am so glad to stand here.First of all,I will introduce myself.My name is...,I am...years old this year.I have many hobbies,such as:reading,dancing,writing and so on.Also I like English very much.I think English is very useful for us,because many many people in the world can speak English,if I learn it well,I can talk with them and make friends with them.Besides these,I also like doing some exercises.Doing exercises can make us healthier.Health is so important for us,we can not doing anything without a good health.So,we can do exercises togher in the future.I also like help others,when you are in trouble,I will do anything that I can.Of course,I hope you my classmates can help me too.At the last,I wish we can become good friends and everybody can get a good result at the end.Thank you!



          Hello, everyone! My name is JooZone. I am x years old. I am from China.I can speak Chinese and a little English. My favorite subject is English, because I think it is very interesting. I like going to the movies, playing sports and reading books. I like summer best, because it is very relaxing and we have a long hollday. I love my life. I think I am a happy girl. Do you want to make friends with me?



          Hi, I'm designation squadron Zhu Yilan, my hobby is very broad. I like reading, especially love to see “water margin”, “three kingdoms”, “journey to the west” such as name, also like to travel, because they can let me open horizon, enrich their knowledge, but also exercise my will.

          I'm in class “masters of the job”! Every time the teacher the assignment, I always the first one, and the accuracy is high, so I can have time in the school seriously do a good job preview to review. I always believe that time is like a sponge to, only to learn to take the time won't be abandoned by time. Boys and girls, let's work together to do the master of time!





          Hello, my name is __X, from Jiaxing, Zhejiang, I am a person with rich emotion, but lack of good eloquence, oh, I think we are not just to study professional knowledge, more important is to experience college life. Next, I talk about the first day of school to the Hunan __ meeting, I can say I am happy. And the pain, why do you say that?

          First of all, the new school elders are very enthusiastic, they will lead me to the completion of a program, I feel good, I do not feel nervous and strange at all, especially Li Jing, he will take the initiative to help me carry luggage, I can ask the place I do not understand.

          Next is the pain, because I come from Zhejiang, to know that Zhejiang does not eat spicy, eating spicy is my most worried about, eating dinner, I hot to headache for a night. That night, the dean of our college joked that when he came, he couldnt eat spicy. After four years back, it was not hot. So, I think its a required course for me to eat spicy.

          My college life will be from pain to happiness.






          Hi,everybody. Good to be here. Facing the audience, a thought occured to me. Mama has alway told me not to make a fool in public. But somehow I just couldnt follow what she said exactly. Well some people always treat me as a crazy loon. For Im never part of any crowd and have some dreams far-off look. Id even crash into someone with my nose stuck in a book. Now Im standing on the stage, giving a speech in English. Circumstance being that Im pretty nervous. Maybe some guy would just think that itd embarass me as frightened speechless. Never mind. Im always good for a laugh.



          Hello, everyone! Im Feng Biyu, a girl of 19 years old. As you can see, I am very glad to get along with all of you and I hope we’ll have a good time in our subsequent study.

          My hometown is in SiHong, Northern JiangSu Province, a beautiful place with a lot of clear rivers and lakes. When boating on HongZe Lake, I always feel free and relaxed. It is really a wonderful place to enjoy your life.

          I graduated from SiHong Middle School. It was set up in 1949 and now it is more than 60 years old.

          I have a lot of friends in my middle school. We love each other. Time goes by, but our friendship will never go away. They cheer me up, make me happy and do some help when I meet with difficulties.

          Thats all, thank you!







          My name is __, I am from Changsha, I am a freshman.

          I love to laugh, love, love, love simple, love fun, listen to music, love friends, love freely, love with all the same, love the excitement of hold, love and laugh, love Anan quietly, also love madness, I love you, I am still in my own. On the road of life, we stumble and walk without losing posture.

          My history is not glamorous. Only one step at a time can prove her hardship and firmness. As a member of the group, it is difficult and necessary to know the branchs branch. It is a study commi__, not an idle job in imagination, that it is necessary to be responsible for the study of all. Ban Gan "has finally tasted the sweetness of" seeking politics in his place ". Let it go by the past, after all, this has become history, and what I can do is to seize the opportunity in the new journey of college students, to show ourselves, to share the surprises with the University.

          Entering university means unlimited opportunities and a chance to conquer new fields. I want to enrich my life in the University, cultivate my ability, "see the wise and emulate", and constantly improve myself. The stage is so big that I will work hard, work hard, work hard, and work hard to fight. Do not regret the way I go to college.

          In the University, I want to show you the most awesome to everyone, and everyone together day day up!







          Hello everybody. My name is Stone. I come from Guangdong province in China. I am very happy to come here to study with you.

          When I arrived at this school three days ago, I fell in love with it. It is so beautiful and exciting here, and everyone is kind to me, especially Kim. This class feels just like one big family to me.

          I’m interested in sports, music and mountain climbing. I also enjoy playing soccer. I would love to play with you sometime.

          I hope I can become your friend soon. Thank you very much.






          Good morning/afternoon/evening, my name is __. it is really a great honor to have this opportunity/chance to introduce myself.

          Generally speaking ,i am a hard working student especially do the thing i am interested in. i will try my best to finish it no matter how difficult it is. furthermore,i am a person with great Perserverence. during the days preparing for the colledge-entrance examination,i insist on running every day, no matter what the weather was like.and just owning to this,i could concentrate on my study and succeeded in the end.

          Well ,in my spare time ,i like basketball, tennis and chinese chess. and english is my favorate subject.i often go to english corner to practise my oral english on every thursday,and write Compositions to improve my witten ability .but i know my english is not good enough ,i will continue studying hard.

          Ok, that is all,thank you for your attention.