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          Hi, I am Xiaojie. I am a schoolboy. I am in Shanghai. I am in Class 5, Grade 3. I have two big eyes. I can see with my eyes. I have a small nose. I can smell with my nose. I have two big ears. I can hear with my ears. I have a small mouth. I can eat and drink with my mouth. Am I beautiful?

          I like English and Chinese. But I don’t like maths and music. I like eating meat and ice-cream. I don’t like fish and coffee. I can stand on my head, but I can’t fly. I am very short, but I can run very fast.




          Hello,every!My name is Lihua.My English name is Helen.I have two bright eyes and short hair.Im twelve.I`m from Shenzhen city,China.There are three people in my family,my mother,father and I.My parents work in a bank.They work hard.I begin to go to Shenzhen No.4 Middle School this month.Im in Class Three,Glade Seven.Our shool is very good.There are about three thousand students in it.And I have a good English teacher.Her name is Luowei.she speaks English very well.We all like her.Now,I have some friends.They are all friendly to me.Were all happy.



          Hello! Everyone,my name is xiaomin.My favorite subject is Chinese.And I like reading very much,especailly in reading history books. As a student,I study very hard. I made a lot friends in school,most of them are working hard,too.I hope all of us cuold catch the best time to reach our goal.Just try our best!



          Hello,everyone here.

          Now,please let me introduce myself to you.

          I am the only girl in my family.For my own hobbies, I love traveling,listening to music and reading.From these hobbis, you can see,I would like to live a free life.Of course, everyone has some strong points.without myself exception,for instance,both of playing the piano and drawing are my strong points.At present,I am satified with my life. The activities in school are great.My teachers and classmates are friendly to me.For my parents,both of them are managers.They are always busy working.

          As for my ideas of going abroad to study, I think it is useful and wonderful if we have the chance to do so.I also would like to go abroad to study to improve myself.

          Thats all.

          Thank you.








          My name is Frances.I am 13 years old,I was bron inJanuary. I am from Beijing,China.I can speak Chinese and a little English.I have black straight hair and is of mediun bulid.I like reading.My favorite movie is "Black September".I think is funny.My favorite food are hamburgers.Because they are delicious.My favorite animal are koalas.Because they are very cute.I want to be a reporter.I think it is interesting.



          Hello, everyone, I am a fourth grade primary school student. I dont look sogood, I have a pair of small eyes, just like a sketch line on the SpringFestival Evening this year: Your eyes really dont occupy a place! The collapsednose bridge and thin mouth dont match at all. But I never feel inferior,because I know I am who I am, and I am unique!

          I have been in the habit of reading since I was a child, reading for at leasthalf an hour every day, and I have persisted until now. There are many books inmy bookcase: fairy tales, compositions, campus novels, literature, science … Ilike them very much. In my spare time, I take a book out of the bookcase, sit ina chair on the balcony, and enjoy reading it in the warm sunshine and coolbreeze. This is really happier than going to any interesting place!

          Besides reading, I also like drawing and dancing. This makes my life afterstudy equally wonderful, and helps me to develop a curious and optimisticcharacter about everything. I still have a glib tongue! One night, I asked mymother a question: "Is it beneficial to open the book?" Mother repliedaffirmatively: "Of course! There is an idiom called open book is beneficial.From ancient times to the present, all accomplished people have learnedknowledge through reading, and no one can become a leader without studying. " Isaid in no hurry: "But if a person always reads useless books, is it beneficialto open books?" Mother paused, then said, "You are digging a hole for me! Youlittle cleverness! "

          This is me, a bookworm!






          Hello, everyone! My name is JooZone. Iam x years old. I am from China. I can speak Chinese and a little English.

          My favorite subject is English, because I think it is very interesting.

          I like going to the movies, playing sports and reading books. I like summer best,because it is very relaxing and we have a long holiday.

          I love my life. I think I am a happy girl. Do you want to make friends with me?






          Hello ! My name is XiaoLi ,Im a boy. I like eat apples bananas and Oranges. I like play computer games.Im tall but me is very thin.I have a big eyes,i like smile,because smile can give me math and english is very now Im 12 years old.I like read books and make friend.I also ride my bike go to school every day .

          This is you like me?Do you want to make friends will me ?




          I have a round face, thin body, a pair of piercing eyes, a squirrel tooth, and a glib mouth, forehead with a scar like an airplane, hair thorns. I like wearing red clothes. I am 8 years old this year. I am lively and happy all day. I like to do some housework within my power, such as washing dishes, drying clothes, collecting clothes and so on. I also have a pair of skilled hands, I do the handicraft is delicate and beautiful.

          I like writing Chinese characters and reading books. I like reading books outside of class best. There are many, many books in all aspects on my shelf.

          I am also the teachers right-hand little assistant, because of my optimism, positive, teachers and students like me.





          My name is Xiao Sheng and I am eight years old. Shes in her second year at Evergreen One School. My body is a little tall, the head is round, some black skin, my mother said "wheat color", although my eyes are a little small, but very bright! I like drawing very much. Once, when I got home from school, I finished my homework immediately, and then I took out the pen from the bag to draw. I did not feel tired for a long time. Grandma in the living room called: "Dudu, eat". I said loudly: "Wait a moment, soon". I painted for a while, grandma rushed into the study and said: "Dont eat, the meal is cold." I had to put down the marker and go to dinner.

          I am such a lively and lovely, like painting, love life of the little boy!




          Goodafternoon, teachers! My name is XuLulu. I`m 11. I come from Class1 Grade 5 of TongPu No.2 Primary School.

          There are 4 people in my family. My father is tall. My mother is pretty.My sister has a long hair. My home is near the school, I often get up early. After school, I like playing computer games and reading books. My favorite fruit is apple. They are sweet and healthy. And I like Tuesday the best. We have English, music, computer and P.E. on Tuesdays. My math teacher is Miss Huang. Her class is so much fun. So my favourite class is math. And I like Chinese and English, too. This is me. An active girl. Please remember XuLulu. Thank you very much!


          Hello! Dear teachers. My name is --- .

          It's my pleasure to join your face to face test,of course it will be my great honor to be a student of you university.I'm 18 yars old.Particularly fond of tourism management, I'm so eager to get the admission of your school.As for hobby, I'm crazy about music as well as making friends, therefore, I'm outgoing and always be happy.If you are willing to ,we can e-change phone number and be sincerely friends.Apart from them,I am good at history and Chinese.I am so interested in literary works about history that I can't even breathe without reading history books one week.

          And I hope we can perform my best today!


          Hello teachers.My name is ---.I'm 19 years old now.I'm from--.Glad to be here today.My major is international finance and trade.I love my major,so I'm gonna study hard.Everybody's keen on sth.,isn't it?

          I like surfing online,playing basketball and listening to music.I'm good at running,especially sprint,such as 100 meters.The country I'm dreaming to visit is Spain,which is a very beautiful country.My favorite animal is dog,as it's so cute.My biggest hobby is playing basketball,and i've dreamt to be a professional player,but I'm not tall enough.So my present goal is to study hard,and pass Toefl in the first year.

          Thank you.


          My name is --,---years old this year, -- is about to get a -- degree from -- university. I am honored to participate in this interview today, I am confident that they can have a good performance.

          My major is --. In addition to firmly grasp the professional knowledge, I am interested in English and computer is very strong, during the school passed the professional English -, computer - level.

          Life, I am more optimistic and easy-going personality, easy to get along with, but I am serious and careful at work, there is no trace of careless. I believe that the pressure of work is the driving force for progress. If you are willing to give me a motivation, I will try my best to do the work well.



          My name is Su Xiongying. I'm 7 years old. I'm in the first grade of Zijiang primary school. I'm a horse, so I can run fast.


          I have black and shiny hair, big round eyes under light eyebrows, a flat nose and two front teeth missing from a small mouth that can talk. I don't like eating, so I'm a little thin.


          I like reading, playing chess and playing.


          My biggest weakness is carelessness. I must get rid of this bad habit and strive to be a good student.

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